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If you have managed to stumble on to this blog then, I encourage you to explore a little further… and you may discover a cyber space that is within your comfort zone!  Why? As the author, I confess that:

I am technically challenged and information technology has come at the end of my learning curve!

I am confronting my fears and appealing to educators and professionals, like myself.  By simplifying and sharing the knowledge, we can make sense of this together! We can arm ourselves with the basics in IT tools and trends and may even contribute to the conversation!

This great video clip puts it in perspective: My Blackberry is Not Working! http://youtu.be/kAG39jKi0lI

A note about the photo… It was taken last summer (2013) in the Polare Bookstore, formerly a Cathedral in Maastrict, NL. It is a living functioning example of traditionalism in harmony with modernity… a reflection of the times.


One thought on “WELCOME!

  1. For a first time blogger and technically challenge individual your first time is not too scrappy. I will improve overtime :). The content is very informative but as a user of the smart board I say “halve dozen of one halve dozen of the other”. Meaning whether you staff the school with computers for distance learning or smart board for face to face, they are both expensive to start up. I would also mentioned an added advantage is the ability for the teacher to do educative assessment and evaluation.

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