Culturally Diverse Finds

As an educator I am always keen on discovering resources which simplify and improve the quality of my professional and personal life—if they will do both, even better.  My current practice centers on a specialized focus of intercultural communication and global leadership rendering the quest for professional tools and insight less profuse. Afterall, even colleagues in my own organization have been known to ask, “Just what is it that you guys do?”


A few recent resources specific to this field have, in fact, contributed to improved quality of practice and may help to shed some light. Terri Hock of introduced me to PhotoVoice. I was instantly compelled because I am intuitively a visual educator as well as a visual learner. It provides the teaching profession with a fresh angle to digital storytelling on more than one level. It bridges socio-cultural gaps by providing a communication channel where language barriers otherwise inhibit. The larger literacy message is also two-fold.  It empowers both people networks and individuals by giving them a visual voice that reaches across nations and divides. It teaches us that one person, one act or one voice can have impact.

Two more great discoveries for the field of intercultural communication were offered on Smith (2013) touts the merits of MIT Tech TV which showcases case studies on their LearningEdge site which incite debate and critical thinking related to topics such as leadership/ethics, strategy or system dynamics. The most salient point with this approach is the collaboration of learner-participants in sharing their life experiences through digital media.



Under the array of video topics offered,   I immediately zoned in on the Intuitively Obvious series from the Committee on Race and Diversity. This collection of candid collaborative dialogues opens your eyes and minds to the challenges confronting culturally diverse groups living in the hegemonic-framed global societies which covertly exist even within the walls of MIT. They serve as rich resources to enhance any intercultural communication and leadership course or training program.

Academy bridgeAs I was perusing this Smith’s blog further, I took a closer look at the Academy Bridge open coursewaresite that is exactly as the title proclaims. It is an extensive collection of content level videos that covers several learning paths from core tertiary courses to specific master level topics. It combines academic and inspiring lectures or talks from universities, business schools, and business corporations. Thus, you can find instructional videos from a diverse selection of themed lecture series i.e. What is Organizational Culture? By Daniel Denison (2010), CEO of Denison Consulting from the corporate culture series; The Power of the Story sourced from the TedxTalk by Greg Power (2011). I consider this an invaluable academic resource that can serve to inform my practice or to be utilized in conjunction with a training course allowing learners to view the videos directly through their own devices.  In the age of communication, this presents critically relevant content in a highly digestible manner.          ________________________________________________________________________________________________


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