244ef96 First of all,  impressed and flattered that you would click this link to read more about the blog and its creator.  Intercultural communication and global leadership training are my domain so, it seems appropriate that I would finally cultivate a better relationship with the cyber world.  Apart from websites, email and a few social network connections, I am really no expert.  However, I thought I would share my exploration with you because collaborative learning always makes the journey less lonesome and, to be honest, my graduate studies required me to make a concerted effort!

I do have one previoius cyber encounter or work-in-progress that is a going concern. It helped kick start my understanding of the inter-connected webworld.   Kid you NOT… for me, it was a lot of work because it happened before they introduced ‘drag and drop’ features which would have made the whole thing like child’s play!  Check it out if you really want to travel…  Again, grazie for checking out this link and ciaohttp://www.inside-florence.com


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